Amore Colombian Jewelry

Amore was born in Cali, Colombia. As a philosophy of life of the designer Pao Bermeo. Who after dedicating a couple of years to journalism, decides to study jewelry, with this discovers a means of expression where fashion and freedom can be mixed. Amore is an Italian word that means Love, when you buy an AMORE jewel you are taking a piece of Love.

All AMORE jewels are made with a lot of LOVE and dedication. Remember that Its all about Love. Which is really what humanity needs, this is also why Amore is characterized by having a lot of holistic influence and makes collections with a very clear intention, mixing stones, crystals, colors and materials that help a lot with energy and well-being.

Amore has a nomadic journey, acquired through experiences in different countries and cities where she has left a mark connecting with people through her art, becoming an ambassador brand for Colombia teaching its cultural traditions.

Amore loves seeing all of her clients wear garments that have been crafted to make them feel like a queen. Each jewel is made of stones or materials that have been collected in different countries, one of the favorites has been India.

Amore is a very active concept, it really never stops and is constantly creating, Each piece is like a necessity in life. So you will always see new pieces and also many colors.

Currently a personalized line is being managed, which are necklaces that can be made according to your needs, the designer advises you and elaborates something unique for you.

Also precious and semi-precious stones. It is quite a multi-colored party.

Amore does not stop thinking about designs and new things, to offer you something unique and super fashion, I hope you fall in love with the concept and become part of her VIP club. Thank you for giving you the opportunity to know their products.

With lots of love

Amore Jewelry, Its all about Love